• Free Bible Story Download: Jehoshaphat vs the Big Bad Army

    November 12, 2019 by

    When King Jehoshaphat learns three enemy armies have teamed up against him, he knows he and the people of Judah don’t stand a chance.  Their only hope is for God to swoop in and save the day.   In this interactive retelling of the classic Bible story from 2 Chronicles 20, kids will discover that God… Read more

  • What’s Your Favorite Story?

    October 26, 2019 by

    What is your favorite story?   Is it a book, a movie, a TV show, maybe something you binge watch on Netflix? Maybe it’s a Broadway musical or even a story told through a video game or a comic book. Whatever the medium, what is a story you love? I asked that question to a group… Read more

  • Do You Need Tech to Teach?

    November 16, 2019 by

    When I first started teaching in Children’s Ministry, the only tech I had was an old-school transparency projector that I would use to show teaching graphics on a rickety screen. Since those days I’ve taught lessons utilizing smart lights, smoke machines and complicated video elements. But at the end of the day, I’ve learned that… Read more

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